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Brains Bio Three Year Anniversary

On March 4, Brains Bioceutical celebrated its three-year anniversary as a global manufacturer of naturally-sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). When you are immersed in an industry that is rapidly accelerating, it is hard to find the time to reflect on how far you have come and the accomplishments and challenges that have been experienced along the way. But in order to ensure our continued success as a company, it is important to take the time to reflect on our achievements and identify opportunities for future growth.

The purchase of BSPG Laboratories and subsequent facility expansion provided the infrastructure we needed to become one of the world’s leading cannabinoid API manufacturers. Located in Discovery Park in the United Kingdom, BSPG is one of very few companies with EU-GMP certification for both human and veterinary use and is registered with the MHRA as an active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer for cannabinoids. Assuming ownership of this facility was a huge win for Brains Bioceutical and the fact that we’ve already managed to outgrow the current facility is perhaps even more humbling. Construction on the expansion is underway, with new production lines allowing us to produce additional cannabinoid APIs.

In addition to our facility expansion, Brains Bioceutical has secured a senior management team that is second to none. With decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and phyto-cannabinoids, the team brings unparalleled industry experience. This includes in-depth knowledge of capital markets, research and development, clinical trials, product development and the highly complex regulatory landscape governing cannabinoid production across the world. Without the strategic direction and expertise of this team, Brains Bioceutical would not be a global leader in producing plant-based API product lines for the pharmaceutical and wellness sectors.

Acknowledging the critical gaps in research and data to back up the efficacy of cannabinoid APIs in the treatment of major diseases, we have also partnered with companies and institutions conducting clinical trials and preclinical research in various jurisdictions. To date, we are involved in over 15 clinical trials using Brains CPD API, exploring its effects on treating COVID-19, epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, opioid addiction and muscle inflammation. Once the results of the clinical trials are available, Brains Bioceutical will have the research and empirical data needed to solidify our leadership and expertise in the use of phyto-cannabinoids to treat major diseases and improve patient outcomes.

Securing a unique suite of approvals and licenses that are incredibly difficult to attain is another huge milestone for Brains Bioceutical. Since the company was founded, we have attained a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance license from the UK Home Office, which authorizes Brains Bioceutical to import and possess controlled substances, including THC and CBN, in the UK. We are also EU-GMP certified CBD API producers in the UK and recently received novel food validation from the UK Food Standards Agency. This validation is required for any CBD nutraceutical products placed on the market in the UK, giving us a strategic advantage as one of the only manufacturers able to meet the demand for natural plant-based products. All of these stringent licenses that we have been able to secure guarantee pharma-grade products that are of the highest quality, consistency and standardization.

Solidifying strategic partnerships with industry leaders has also been key to our success. In 2021, we signed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living. The partnership has allowed the companies to jointly commercialize, reaching a broader pharmaceutical customer base. We also established an innovation platform with DSM to offer novel CBD product formulations together with technical and scientific expertise to customers for early-stage cannabinoid drug development.

The company’s investment and partnership with Tamar Technologies, a company that invests in specialty pharmaceutical advancements, has also opened a lot of doors for Brains Bioceutical. The strategic partnership has provided the company with access to biopharmaceutical technologies, cannabinoids and phytochemical products and delivery mechanisms to deliver therapeutic benefits worldwide.

With the team, infrastructure and partnerships in place, Brains Bioceutical has quickly become an industry leader in both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical cannabinoid industries. Active in potentially transformative clinical trials, we are at the forefront of a new frontier in the production and development of cannabinoids for the health and wellness sectors. In the next few years, our team is poised to diversify our product offerings while playing a pivotal role in the evolution of cannabinoid science.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get where we are today. Our passion, commitment and perseverance will ensure an even brighter future for the Brains Bioceutical team. Stay tuned!

Ricky Brar
CEO & Chairperson