A strong financial outlook

Company Summary

​Brains Bioceutical Corp. is a global leader in pharmaceutical and wellness phytochemical production for commercial use. We are one of nine companies in the world that possess the API designation under EudraGMP and one of four in the world certified to produce it from a natural, plant-based source.

A Global Sales Footprint

Brains is currently selling to six countries, with 13 in this year’s pipeline

Current distribution:

The UK, Brazil, Germany, Austria, and Australia

Immediate opportunity:

USA, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and Canada

Near term opportunity:

China, Japan, Uruguay and Argentina

Inspected and registered with the MHRA!

UK Ministry of Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Agency

GMP Certification for human and veterinary medicines

Certificate of GMP Compliance Number:
Insp GMP/GDP 48727.17652846-0002

Importer or distributor of API

MHRA Site Number: 17652846

API certificate number:

UK API 48727 Manufacturer

Brains Leadership

With one of the most experienced pharma and wellness teams in the phytochemical sector, Brains Bioceutical has unparalleled access to unique and proven investment strategies, extensive plant-based and hemp sector expertise, and M&A experience that help establish significant competitive advantages.​

EU-GMP Certified Plant-Based CBD API

Brains is one of the only companies to sell consumer products containing EU-GMP- Certified API Phytochemicals in the world.

Brains is one of the only companies to sell Bulk EU-GMP-Certified Phytochemical API commercially B2B around the world.

Phase II facility underway with an eight times capacity expansion

First plant-based-based specials medicine in the UK and Brazil

Novel foods application underway

Phase III clinical trial in refractory epilepsy with pharma B2B (Prati Donaduzzi). Marketing authorization anticipated by Q1 2021

Tested by leading sports accreditation authorities

MHRA certified EU GMP facility

Brains continues to support the development of clinical trials worldwide.

  • Prati-Donaduzzi: Phytochemicals for advanced phase III clinical trials in refractory epilepsy.
  • Brains will continue to research as we launch our own future commercial trials incorporating CROs and other partner pharmaceutical companies.

**Brains is a supplier of the product in the context of the studies cited, the data from these studies are not available to date, the studies are ongoing and not yet published.

  • University of Sydney, Australia: Randomized clinical trial of phytochemicals for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, led by Dr. Melissa Benson.
  • Saint Vincent Hospital in Melbourne: Phytochemicals for mood disorders in young adults.
  • University of Melbourne: Randomized clinical trial on early psychosis, led by Prof. Paul Amminger.
  • Utrecht University Medical Center in the Netherlands: Extension of the ongoing CAN GLIA study in patients with psychotic disorders, led by Prof. Matthijs Bossong.